The Angle Project is inviting you to share your story.

We are creating Heroes of Our Time, a storytelling series to showcase humanity behind the COVID 19 pandemic. TAP will partner with hospitals, community organizations, and individuals whose lives have been impacted by COVID 19 and hear their stories. We will then develop the stories and produce an event where the storytellers will have an opportunity to present in front of a large audience. The series will be presented on multiple media platforms (film, podcast, and live presentation (when the pandemic restrictions are lifted)). The Angle Project is specifically interested in hearing from first responders, persons of color, seniors, refugees, and immigrants.

What do we look for in a story? A detailed account of a personal experience. The event described in a story can be big or small, joyous or sorrowful (or both); most importantly, it has to be personal and transformative.

The goal of the series is to look at the time of the pandemic through the lens of a human experience and have a reflective and interactive conversation about the systemic changes that are necessary to take place today to strengthen and uplift our society and the less advantaged communities in particular. The stories featured in the project will be placed in the community archive and oral history collection at the Queens Public Library!

If you wish to be a part of the project, please email Irene at with “Heroes of Our Time” in the subject line. More information about The Angle Project can be found at

ABOUT TAP: The Angle Project is a Chicago based theatrical production company and a performance art initiative that helps imagine, embody, and materialize possibilities for displaced and multicultural communities. It was organized by Irene Kapustina to employ theatre to build, integrate, and strengthen communities with a firm belief that theatre is a unique one of a kind medium that gives control over a narrative and brings people together to dialogue and collaborate through empathy. Our ultimate goal is to give the experiences of our community workshop participants and professional theatre storytellers a dramatic form that will humanize narratives and create a greater understanding and empathy within themselves as well as among their audience members.