TAP History

TAP grew out of collaboration between two artists and educators, Emma Klauber and Irene Kapustina. Passionate about using theatre as a tool for teaching, community development, and addressing social and political issues, Emma and Irene formed TAP to consolidate their experience and direct it towards helping populations that had to leave their homes and start a new life elsewhere due to political and/or socio-economic reasons, natural disasters or climate change.

Migration is a common occurrence these days: the continuously globalized economy and social and political instability around the world lead to constant and increased displacement. For example, according to the International Migration Institute, in the United State the number of migrants in 2013 has almost doubled since 1960. According to the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security and the International Organization for Migration, between 50 million and 200 million people will be displaced by 2050 due to climate change. And the Washington Institute estimates that in 2016 Europe should be prepared to host 1 million new refugees due to instability in the Middle East.

But no matter at what scale a displacement happens, whether it is suspended NYC public school students finding themselves in a new educational setting at an Alternative Learning Center, a group of LGBTQ youth that left their homes due to conflict and violence, or Syrian refugees seeking to rebuild their lives in peaceful parts of the world, there’s one question that is shared by all our participants:

How do we successfully transplant our lives into a new cultural, social, and political environment?