We are casting a staged reading series for LOST AND GUIDED in Portland, Maine, produced by New England Arab American Organization and The Angle Project.
Please submit your head-shot and resume to Irene at with “LG-MAINE-<character name>” in the subject line.

Written and directed by Irene Kapustina, Lost and Guided tells the story of how the lives of four young Syrians are changed forever after anti-government protests transpire in the city of Daraa. Throughout the next six years, each of them is forced to undergo a unique and heroic journey, while the turmoil in their country erupts into a full-fledged civil war. From the Middle East to the streets of New Orleans, Lost and Guided is a universal story of love, friendship, and the struggle for happiness. Lost and Guided is an original play based on interviews with Syrian refugees. 90% of the script was taken directly from interview transcripts.

The play was produced by Conrad Fischer and The Angle Project in August 2017 and originally ran for 4 consecutive weeks at UNDER St. Marks Theater in New York City. Critics called it: “an incredible new play” (ABC News),”a stunning new play” (Huffington Post), “Theatre at its best…” (The Reviews Hub) The play’s production was also profiled in Entertainment Weekly.

Project Schedule:

Thursday, June 21, 2018:

  • rehearsal: 1-7pm, location TBD

Friday, June 22, 2018:

  • rehearsal: 12-6pm, Portland Museum of Art
  • performance: 6pm, Portland Museum of Art

Saturday, June 23, 2018:

  • rehearsal: 2-6pm at Camden Opera House
  • performance: 7pm at Camden Opera House

Stipend: $100/day+transportation

We are looking for the following actors:

General note: if not Syrian, it is highly preferred that the four principal actors are of Middle Eastern descent.

RIMA: 30’s; housewife; IMAD’s sister, AMINA’s best friend: An artist at heart, Rima is an energetic, smart, funny, and full of life woman who feels stifled by her environment. She is trapped in an unhappy marriage. But despite her domestic conflicts, Rima finds strength to nurture her kids and devote much of her time to her siblings, whom she loves endlessly.  On one hand she feels her life is over, on the other – she is full of hopes and dreams that something will change and she will find her happiness; in fact, it is her hopes and dreams that keep her going. Religion plays a big role in her life. Actor: Syrian/Middle Eastern, female, late 20’s – 30’s.

AMINA: late 20’s; teacher; IMAD’s fiancé, RIMA’s best friend: Gentle and kind on the outside, Amina is quite tough, as she had to work hard to build a life. She lost her parents when she was young and was taken care of by her relatives. Rima has played the role of her older sister since Amina was a little girl. Rima is honest and loyal, and cannot imagine her life and her future without making a family with IMAD. Religion plays a big role in her life. Actor: Syrian/Middle Eastern, female, late 20’s – 30’s.


Please submit your head-shot and resume to Irene at