The Angle Project is casting UNPITIED: a new play development and staged reading
UNPITIED in development at New York Writers Dojo

Unpitied is an original play written and directed by Irene Kapustina. It tells the story of Karim, a political prisoner who, after enduring twelve years of severe oppression and torture in a desert prison in Syria, moves to Chicago and meets Bonnie. Bonnie deals with a trauma of her own, which includes abuse as child and troubled youth. Together they learn to live and love again. This is a story about East and West, about resiliency and hope, and about how two different people can fall in love with each other.

Non-AEA and AEA members are welcome to apply.

To be considered for an audition, please submit your head-shot and resume to Irene at

Thank you and we can’t wait to get to know you!


KARIM  SALEH: 30’s; male; Syrian/Middle Eastern: Loyola Biology undergraduate student; an ex-Tadmor prisoner of 12 years; well educated, modest, religious, determined, opinionated, weighed down by the past; new to American culture.

BONNIE NOWAK: 30’s; female; American: Loyola undergraduate student, Psychology major; ex-pro cyclist; energetic, openhearted, ready for a fresh start.

BROTHER: 30’s; male; Syrian/Middle Eastern: KARIM’s brother; a successful physician in Chicago; he is what KARIM would have been if not for prison.

UNCLE: 60’s; male; Syrian/Middle Eastern: KARIM’s elderly uncle; a retired Muslim Brotherhood Party leader; carries the weight of a politician with him.

SHEIKH: 40-60’s; male; Syrian/Middle Eastern: Imprisoned for his religious practice on false charges; an Islamic scholar dedicated to a life of learning, teaching, and community service.

YOUNG BOY: 20’s; male; Syrian/Middle Eastern: Imprisoned as a teen on false charges; passionate, optimistic, thirsty for life; yearning to experience the world outside prison.

TORTURER: 30’s-60’s; male; Syrian/Middle Eastern: A long time employee at Tadmor; a true believer in and a dedicated servant of the oppressive regime.