Implementation Strategy

  • Assessment

    During the assessment period, TAP takes time to understand and investigate the nature of the concerns of the community partner and participants and helps them identify a specific goal for the project, as well as the methodology to be utilized.

  • Project creation

    While creating a project, TAP evaluates the participant group: their  background, skills, and the topics they would like to investigate.

  • Implementation

    During the implementation, TAP guides the participants toward their goal, maintains close communication with the community partner regarding the project’s progress, and collects data for further evaluation.

  • Project evaluation

    TAP uses the collected data for self evaluation and internal improvement, provides comprehensive project assessment for the community partner, and encourages participants to identify their personal achievements.

  • Further community support and maintenance

    TAP, in collaboration with the community partner, works out strategies for the participants to continue their community’s growth according to the set goals.