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Our participant-driven community workshops and programs offer an opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow.

The participants will engage in forum theatre, theatre of the oppressed, image theatre, role play, improvisation, devising, interactive theatre games, scene work, creative writing, and other techniques to create aesthetic distance, which will allow them to choose a comfortable level of exposure to communicate safely and openly, and to think critically.

Ultimately, our workshops encourage the creation of new narratives that inspire to take positive and productive actions to improve individual lives, form new alliances, and strengthen communities.

Each workshop’s content is tailored to meet the needs of our community partners and participants, and can be a one-time event or a series of multiple sessions, ranging from short to long term programming.

These are general workshop descriptions. Each workshop will be filled with specific content and tailored to meet the needs of our community partner and participants, and can be a one-time event or a series of multiple sessions.

Community Building through Drama: Cross the Line

Cross the Line is dedicated to a wide range of communities that seek to increase engagement, mutual understanding, and cooperation. The goal of the workshop is to encourage the participants to work together across differences.

In this workshop the participants build rapport and work on identifying commonalities that would enable them establish common goals and be instrumental in achieving them.

Identity Development and Empowerment: Art in Us

Art in Us is designed to help the participants reflect on their life journeys and gain a stronger sense of self. The goal of the workshop is for the participants to walk away with more confidence and clarity about their lives and a positive, optimistic, and proactive vision for their future.

The participants will be offered a range of techniques to explore various aspects of their identity and reflect on specific key moments in their lives. They will then create original theatre that will illustrate their exploration and new understanding of self and the world.

Development of Communities Hosting Refugees and Immigrant Populations: Hosting with Empathy

Hosting with Empathy grew out of Lost and Guided, a play based on real life stories of refugees in the United States, produced by The Angle Project. Using Syrian conflict as an example, it is designed to spread knowledge and awareness of the refugee crises and to develop empathy for displaced populations.

Through a series of interactive activities, the participants will read, experience, and discuss the refugee accounts of displacement and reflect on their role and responsibility in the face of the global refugee crisis.

Immigrant Integration through Theatre: Fair Exchange

Fair Exchange focuses on illuminating connections between cultures.

The goal of this process centered program is to help the participants build a dialogue with a foreign culture, question the known in it, identify points of access and entry and negotiate acceptable forms of assimilation.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers Community Platform Building Through Drama: USA: U Start Again

USA: U Start Again helps the participants articulate their needs to the hosting community and derive the access to resources necessary to help them further stabilize and self-sustain their lives. Workshop’s goal is to help develop resilience in the participants by the capacity to access environmental, cultural, biological and social resources that are now available to them and which they may currently have very limited knowledge or awareness.

The participants will engage in self-empowerment through telling the stories about their journeys and the circumstances that surround them and illustrate the struggles and humanity behind the resettlement process in a safe fictionalized way. They will also present and access cultural and social situations and practice safe decision making.

Intergenerational Project: Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out centers on bringing various age groups together to begin an intergenerational dialogue. The goal of the workshop is to collect the knowledge in the room and use it to mutually educate and identify new opportunities for enrichment and learning for all involved.

In a culmination of the project, all age groups work collaboratively to create an original theatre piece that reflects new insights about their own experience as well as the experiences of others.

Language Acquisition through Drama: Living the Language

Living the Language provides multilingual interactive drama sessions that interrogate cultural and social context and help the participants put their language learning into practical context and use their social and emotional capacity to navigate new language terrains. The goal of the program is to liberate the participants from their inhibitions and provide an exciting space for inquisitive learning.

The participants will form a community and work together to gradually increase the complexity of communication tasks.

Practical and special workshops may include, but are not limited to: navigating the DMV, Social Security, Housing, Grocery Store, Doctor’s Office, Educational Institutions, Social Services, Customer Service, etc.

Senior Population Reminiscence Theatre Project: Stepping into the Spotlight

Stepping into the Spotlight is designed to promote expression, community building, and collaborative spirit among senior population. The goal is to motivate and inspire seniors to stay positive, active, social, curious, and engaged!

The participants learn various theatre techniques, explore a wide range of dramatic material and contextualize it within their own realities. The project results in an interactive presentation for the community of friends and family.

Professional Development for Organizations and Practitioners: Next Level

Next Level workshops offer performance art and pedagogical tools and strategies to various organizations that wish to increase engagement with their employees and clients.  

The goal is to equip employees and staff to create and lead workshops utilizing unique interactive and performance art techniques to address the needs of their colleagues, clients, and communities.

Through hands on exercises and demonstration, participants will experience the applied theatre approach and pedagogy as participants, and then proceed to design and facilitate participant centered, asset-based interactive sessions addressing the needs of their community.