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The Angle Project (TAP) offers our participants and audiences opportunities to recreate, relive, and (re)imagine past and hypothetical life situations on stage so that together we can view them from various angles, understand them comprehensively, and be able to reflect on them critically. By using devised (original) theatre, role play, games, and interactive theatre activities, TAP gives tools to the communities it works with to express their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and tell stories in artistic, metaphorical, and, therefore, safe ways. Ultimately, TAP encourages the creation of new and inspiring life narratives that will help everyone involved to take positive and productive actions to improve individual lives, and build strong social alliances and community partnerships.

These are general workshop descriptions. Each workshop will be filled with specific content and tailored to meet the needs of our community partner and participants, and can be a one-time event or a series of multiple sessions.

Immigrant Integration through Theatre 

A series of workshops that focuses on illuminating the connections between cultures and helps the participants identify acceptable forms of assimilation.

Goal: Negotiate forms of assimilation with the hosting party/country/culture/social and political systems

Form and Content: Depending on the needs of the community, the workshops will offer an opportunity to develop a more sustainable ecosystem for the participants through role play, interactive theatre games, scene work, working with culturally specific texts and visual resources such as videos, photographs, works of arts. To create and further inspire the dialogue with a foreign culture and question the known in it and to identify the point of access and entry.

Inter-generational Immigrant Project

A project that focuses on bringing various immigrant age groups together to begin an inter-generational dialogue about the process of starting and leading a life in a new country.

Goal: To collect the knowledge in the room and use it to mutually educate and identify new opportunities for enrichment and learning for all involved.

Form and Content: Each age group works independently to create an original theatre piece to reflect their journey that is shared with the larger group. In a culmination of the project, all age groups create a shared piece that reflects new insights about their own experience as well as the experiences of others.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers Community Platform Building Through Drama

Workshops that use performance art to help the participants articulate their needs to the hosting community and derive the access to resources necessary to help them further stabilize and self-sustain their lives.

Goal: Develop resilience in the participants by the capacity to access environmental, cultural, biological and social resources that are now available to them and which they may currently have very limited knowledge or awareness.

Form and Content: Using theatre of the oppressed games and activities, forum theatre models, and scene work, the participants will be able to present and access cultural and social situations and practice safe decision making.

Language Acquisition through Drama

Multi-lingual interactive drama sessions that interrogate cultural and social context and help the participants to put their language learning into practical context and use their social and emotional capacity to navigate new language terrains.

Goal: To liberate the participants from their inhibitions and provide an exciting space for inquisitive learning.

Form and Content:  Using theatre games, physical theatre, and scene work the participants will form a community and work together to gradually increase the complexity of role play and communication tasks.

Practical and special workshops may include, but are not limited to: navigating the DMV, Social Security, Housing, Grocery Store, Doctor’s Office, Educational Institutions, Social Services, Customer Service

Senior Population Performance Art Projects

Devised theatre project based on the histories and life stories of the senior population.

Goal: To acknowledge and share the accomplishments of the participants’ lives and validate their contribution to society.

Form and Content: Collect oral stories to create an original piece of theatre with seniors as actors or spectators.

Professional Development for Organizations and Practitioners

Workshops that offer applied theatre and participant centered tools and strategies to various organizations that wish to implement elements of performance art (role play; interactivity; creative presentation, dialogue, and reflection; etc.) in their work.

Goal: Equip employees and staff to create and lead workshops utilizing unique interactive and performance art techniques to address the needs of their colleagues, clients, and communities.

Form and Content: Through interactive, hands on exercises and demonstration, participants will learn how to design and facilitate sessions and applied theatre workshops to interrogate issues at hand.